Matcats Win NEUSA District A2


This past weekend 42 Matcats competed at the NEUSA A2 District held in Gothenburg. The Matcats came away as District Champions with 453 points, coming in second was the Midwest Destroyers with 323.5 points. 37 Matcats placed in the top 4 qualifying them for the NEUSA State Tournament in Grand Island on March 19th-20th.

Finishing as Champions were Parker Ryan (PreK-K/58-62 lbs.), Carter Lawrence (1st-2nd/50 lbs.), Syler Steffen (1st-2nd/70lbs), Jacob Vasquez (3rd-4th/70 lbs.), Sawyer Long (3rd-4th/85 lbs.), Adriel Quinteros (3rd-4th/140 lbs.), Perry Swarm (5th-6th/70 lbs.), Quentyn Frank (5th-6th/85 lbs.), Kade Bottorf (5th-6th/112 lbs.), Gage Ferguson (7th-8th 90 lbs.), Lincoln Krepela (7th-8th/95 lbs.), Brayden Smith (7th-8th/102 lbs.), Gauge Mcbride (7th-8th/110 lbs.), Bronson Amend (7th-8th/150 lbs.), & Dominick Tavis (7th-8th/175 lbs.).

Finishing in 2nd were Jude Swarm (PreK-K/37-39 lbs.), Slade Steffen (PreK-K/56-61 lbs.), Cooper Ritz (1st-2nd/50 lbs.), Bryant Siegal (1st-2nd/75 lbs.), Jordan Little (3rd-4th/60 lbs.), Isaiah White (3rd-4th/75 lbs.), Archer Heelan (7th-8th/75 lbs.), Rylie Steele (7th-8th/117 lbs.).

Third place finishers were Atticus Welch (PreK-K/53-56 lbs.), Braxton Robinson (1st-2nd/50 lbs.), Gatlin Krepela (3rd-4th/60 lbs.), Trevor Vasquez (3rd-4th/70 lbs.), Masen Decent (5th-6th/90 lbs.), Cisco Rivas (5th-6th/100 lbs.), Riley Johnson (5th-6th/112 lbs.), Christopher Feldner (7th-8th/102 lbs.), Blake Schroeder (5th-6th/125 lbs.) & Brenton Tobaben (7th-8th/132 lbs.).

Finishing in 4th were Jameson Small (1st-2nd/45 lbs.), Dylan Johnson (1st-2nd/75 lbs.), Corbin Heacock (7th-8th/102 lbs.), & Carter Abels (7th-8th/117 lbs.).

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