Dual Team Wrestle Off Procedures


In addition to wrestling at tournaments, which is always open to EVERYONE, in the past Kearney MatCats has put together a dual team for the Huskerland Duals, as well as occasionally putting together deal teams for other duals. For dual teams representing Kearney MatCats, the following wrestle off procedures shall be used:

A sign up sheet will be available from the first day of practice, with a final date to sign up announced at practice. If a wrestler has not signed up by that date, they are not eligible to wrestle off for a position on the team.

Wrestle offs will generally be determined by creating a bracket for all wrestlers interested in a position, either a full bracket or a round robin. If different procedures are being followed for a weight class (i.e. 2 out of 3 matches) the wrestlers will be notified before they wrestle.

Wrestlers must be within 5 pounds of the weight class to wrestle off, based on the weight shown on our scale. If a wrestler is overweight, it is coach’s discretion to either forfeit the match, or to allow the wrestle off to be postponed.

Wrestlers who are dual registered with Kearney MatCats and another club cannot challenge for a Kearney MatCat position unless Kearney MatCats is the wrestler’s primary club (as evidenced by attendance at practice, and by which club the wrestler represents at tournaments).

3-5 grade will wrestle 3 60 second periods, all started in the neutral position. 6-8 grade will wrestler 3 90 second periods, with choice for 2nd and 3rd periods. High school overtime rules will be used if necessary.

No family member of a wrestler involved in the wrestle off shall officiate, keep time, or keep score for the wrestle off match.

Wrestlers are allowed to challenge up or down to a different weight class if they lose the wrestle off. However, they must first challenge the second place wrestler in the new weight class, unless that wrestler waives the challenge. If they win that match, they may challenge for the first string spot at the new weight.

Wrestle offs may occur for alternate positions, however, all aternate positions will be chosen at coach’s discretion. The alternates are not necessarily the second best at their weight, but the wrestlers who will help the team the most in whatever role is needed (i.e. better match ups, better ability to compete at a higher weight class if necessary, ability to make weight, etc.)

Winning a wrestle off does not guarantee that a wrestler will get all matches at that weight. What it does guarantee is that the wrestler will be on the dual team, and will get some wrestling time at the duals. Ultimately, the final decision of which wrestler wrestles which matches at which weight classes is up to the coaches.

To the extent that anything is being differently than above, the coaches will relay that information to the wrestlers.

Wrestle offs are open to the public, as are all practices. If you wish to watch your wrestler in his or her wrestle off, you are encouraged to do so.

If parents have questions about any part of the wrestle off process, please call a board member or coach immediately. Mistakes do happen, but they are much easier to address if brought to our attention immediately.